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A warrant is an order a judge issues directing a person to appear in court. Two types of warrants in Minnesota and Wisconsin are bench and arrest. The one a judge issues against you will depend on whether you are alleged to have violated a court rule or committed a crime. Regardless, having an outstanding warrant can lead to an unexpected arrest and various consequences, such as being held in custody or missing work or school. The only way to clear a warrant is to take care of whatever unresolved matter it was issued for. Before you go to court, speak with an attorney about your situation.

At Midwest Defense, our warrant attorneys help the people of Minnesota and Wisconsin take care of outstanding bench or arrest warrants. Backed by 35 years of combined legal experience, we understand the rules, laws, and processes concerning these matters. Delivering personalized attention, we can walk you through your options and assist with clearing your outstanding warrant.

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Understanding a Bench Warrant in Minnesota and Wisconsin

A judge may issue a bench warrant when you are in contempt of court. In other words, you failed to obey certain orders as part of a legal matter.

Some of the reasons the judge may issue a bench warrant include:

  • Failing to appear for a scheduled court hearing
  • Failing to pay court-ordered fines or fees
  • Failing to report for jury duty
  • Violating a pre-trial release condition

When you have an outstanding bench warrant, your name is entered into a database, indicating that you are required to appear in court. If you have an interaction with law enforcement officials, they’ll run your information and see that a warrant has been issued against you. They can arrest you at any time or any place, including your home, work, or school.

Understanding an Arrest Warrant in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Like a bench warrant, an arrest warrant authorizes law enforcement officials to take you into custody at any time. The arrest warrant differs from the bench warrant in that a judge will issue it when you are alleged to have committed a crime, as opposed to having violated a court order.

A request for an arrest warrant is initiated when law enforcement officials suspect that you have been involved in criminal activity. If the judge determines that probable cause exists to believe that an offense was committed and you were the one who committed it, they will grant the arrest warrant. Generally, these types of warrants are issued for felony crimes or when the defendant might flee.

After the arrest warrant is granted, law enforcement officials will be actively looking for you. As with a bench warrant, any interaction with police will lead to your arrest, and you will be brought before a judge without delay.

Have an Outstanding Warrant? Here’s What to Do.

Consult with an attorney as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, taking care of your bench or arrest warrant requires that you appear in court. Any interaction with the legal system should not be handled on your own. You might not be fully aware of the court rules and processes or your rights, and a misstep could negatively affect you.

Whether a warrant has been issued against you in Minnesota or Wisconsin, our lawyers can do what is necessary to seek a favorable outcome for your case.

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